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Exclusive: Bella Hadid unveils Charlotte Tilbury’s new flawless lipstick

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Bella Hadid, an influential Arab-American symbol of beauty, who has now been named as the prominent face of Charlotte Tilbury, unveiled its latest creation — the Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences as a makeup artist in the fashion and studio realms, Charlotte Tilbury ingeniously developed the acclaimed and highly sought-after Airbrush Flawless range. This line was born out of the genuine needs expressed by her customers, as Charlotte frequently found herself blending concealers and powders backstage to achieve a flawlessly smooth, soft-focus, and airbrushed effect. The latest addition to this iconic collection, the Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur, harnesses the innovative Powder Blur technology to deliver the appearance of a matte powder-enhanced pout, all while maintaining a non-drying, non-creasing, and non-feathering formula that won’t settle into fine lines.

In celebration of the launch of Charlotte’s groundbreaking Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur, the captivating Bella Hadid has been chosen as the ideal beauty muse and the face of the campaign. Embodied in her is the timeless allure of 90s supermodel glamour, making her the quintessential icon of our generation. The campaign, set against a backdrop of black and white aesthetics and adorned with a camcorder filter, beautifully captures the seductive monochromatic ambiance reminiscent of that era. Complementing Bella’s striking beauty, Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur perfectly enhances her iconic latex catsuit, resulting in a truly stunning and unforgettable look.

Bella deeply understands the transformative power of makeup in instilling confidence. United in their mission, Bella and Charlotte celebrate the ability of beauty to unlock confidence within individuals across the globe. Through their innovation and inspiration in the realm of beauty, they empower a worldwide community to embrace their unique beauty, enabling them to both feel and look like the most extraordinary versions of themselves.

Charlotte Tilbury on Bella Hadid
“Darlings!! I am so thrilled to reveal my friend and gorgeous beauty muse Bella Hadid will star in my new! Airbrush lip blur campaign. I’ll always remember when she told me how obsessed she is with my airbrush icons and I was so proud when she told me she takes it on every shoot, gives them to every make-up artist and are part of her everyday makeup routine because she can always trust them to give her the most incredible confidence boosting results.”

“That’s why she is the perfect partner for this campaign. We both share a passion and understanding of the power of great makeup to transform how someone feels so they can be their most confident selves and go on to conquer their worlds. On set, I saw this transformation first hand. It was incredible to see how Bella used the different airbrush flawless lip shades, from the gorgeous universally flattering Pillow Talk pink to the powerful ruby blur – dialling it up and down, wearing it blurred and bold – to create the most euphoric and joyous energy which everyone around us could feel. Now we can’t wait to share this magic and flawless feeling with the world!”

Bella Hadid on Charlotte Tilbury
“It’s a dream come true to be on this beauty journey with Charlotte, launching our first official campaign together. She is such a creative force in the beauty community with her magnetic energy and unparalleled innovations. I cannot wait for everyone to see the magic we’ve created. As a huge fan of Charlotte’s myself, it’s been a real ‘pinch me’ moment to be able to work with her on this campaign for her latest innovation – Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur.”

“As someone who is always on the go, I look for products that can keep up with my busy schedule. The Airbrush flawless lip blur shades last me all day and all night and give me that extra boost I sometimes need to keep feeling my best. I also like to switch up my look depending on how I’m feeling and love how adaptable these products are. With every colour I put on, I can be a different version of myself. I love the Lip Blur’s versatility, and how you can wear it blurred or wear it bold depending on how you’re feeling and the occasion. I’m so excited and grateful to be on this magical journey with Charlotte, I feel so lucky to be part of this – sharing ideas and creating makeup magic together. We really had the most incredible time on set and I can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been working on. There’s so much more fun to come, we’re just getting started!”


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Bella Hadid’s Revelation About Her “Minor Trauma” Is Shining A Light On How We Internalise Pain

If you look up the phrase ‘Bella Hadid jaw’, you’ll be bombarded with countless articles about the benefits of ‘mewing’ to achieve Bella’s sculpted jawline.
Her angular features are one of the supermodels signature trademarks, with millions of impressionable young women trying their hardest (either through surgery or non-invasive means) to achieve this chiselled appearance themselves.
But, as it turns out, Bella has been secretly suffering with immense jaw pain for over a year, as a result from an infection that was caused by an inflamed tooth.

The 26-year-old model took to TikTok to tell her followers about her recent struggles and how she internalised the pain for almost a year before finally listening to her body and seeking help.
Filming a candid video of herself, complete with an inflamed jaw and all, the Kin Euphorics co-founder penned an extensive caption about her healing process, including how the jaw infection has caused her Lyme symptoms to flare up again.

“There was a low-grade infection underneath the tooth… it continued to spread down causing a low grade infection in my jaw,” the star wrote.
“I have felt in my heart for months that I needed this tooth out, to heal the rest, and if not, it was going to take me out!”
“Please listen to your bodies my friends please!!!” Bella explained before adding that her Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2012, has been triggered.
Since the infection, which was caused by a root canal treatment from 2022, Bella has felt immense pain in her tooth, jaw, brain, spine, bones and “the entire nervous system”.
“Any minor trauma to the body whether it’s physically or mentally can cause Lyme to flare up,” she added.
“My jaw has been so inflamed, and would flare up/inflame randomly when I was/am overly stressed or over working. Some days it’s okay! And some days are difficult. But when my jaw/nerves started to hurt on an aggressive level; it just went 0-100.”
Bella also touched on how distraught internalising her pain left her, revealing that it left her body hating her.
The model wrote she was in the “foetal position every night in painful hysterics”, would cry on the shower floor before gaining the “courage/strength” to get to work”, often cried on set everyday and suffered from chronic social anxiety.
“I’m going batshit emotionally, no slay.”

Bella hasn’t been one to shy away from sharing her health struggles, whether these be physical like her Lyme disease, or emotional, like her battles with anxiety and depression that left being a “spiral queen” and resulted in her going sober.
However, Bella’s most recent health scare is a fierce reminder that we don’t (and can’t) know the full extent of what someone is grappling with.
She may be one of the most watched faces of our generation, but it’s not always glitz and glam.
So often, we internalise pain in favour of presenting a shiny exterior to the world, but as Bella is proving, it’s ok to get vulnerable and open up about your struggles.
But most of all, when we are in pain it’s paramount to listen to your body.


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Bella Hadid Is Charlotte Tilbury’s New Muse—and She’s Already Serving Up Major Makeup Inspiration

Bella Hadid has big news for the world. Today the model and style icon joins Charlotte Tilbury’s roster of radiant beauty muses, becoming a face of the brand alongside Kate Moss, Lily James, and Jourdan Dunn. The partnership will focus on instilling beauty lovers with inner—as well as outer—confidence, and will surely add up to makeup magic.

“Bella is a generation-defining talent at the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist and I am so excited to reveal our creative partnership,” says Tilbury. “She is a modern day beauty icon, utterly mesmerizing, a true creative collaborator, and just as obsessed as I am with breaking boundaries and transcending the real and virtual worlds—we adore her energy.”

On a “mission to empower everyone, everywhere, and unlock their inner confidence,” Tilbury alludes to the pair’s shared belief that the true power of makeup lies not in its ability to make you look good, but in the way it can help you feel your best mentally. “When you feel your most beautiful and confident, you can conquer your world and make your dreams come true,” adds Tilbury.

After meeting at the Prince’s Trust Gala in New York in April last year—and discovering they were kindred spirits due to their shared habit of dancing even when no one else is—Hadid says a connection was there from the start between her and Tilbury. “I’ve always known her makeup and I’ve always known her energy,” she says. “The universe wanted us to be together, and look where we are now!”

Hadid was already “genuinely obsessed” with Charlotte Tilbury formulas for red-carpet events, fashion shoots, and everyday makeup looks. “I instantly see the difference they make on my skin; they allow me to glow and grow from within,” the supermodel says. “I just love them all. I feel incredibly lucky to be here and to be able to connect through art and spirituality and love for fashion and makeup and everything beautiful in life.”